The Cost Of Attending Online Class

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In today’s world education is one of the most vital elements in everyone’s life. Everywhere we go for job they look for the academic qualification and then look after other requirements. Before we were limited to traditional style of learning inside classroom with regular interaction with the teacher but now slowly with time the popularity of online class is increasing at very high rate. Many students would prefer online classes there days rather than classes conducted inside the classroom because many consider online class easier as they are free to access the answers during the test because there is no one to look after you. I am against online classes because of cost, requires more technology, very less social interaction and extra self-direction. The cost of attending online class is definitely expensive than taking class inside a classroom. It is very important for student to reduce the cost of education as much as possible because many students are self-financing student. Once the tuition fee increases then students will have hard time saving money and there are possibilities of this affecting their studies. According to, the cost per credit for international student while taking class in the classroom is $174 whereas if we take the class online then the cost is $200 per credit which is one of the evidence showing online classes are expensive. Cost factor is one reason international students prefer taking regular classes and also they are used to the
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