The Cost Of College: A Case Study

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President Donald Trump, I would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to listen to my proposal about the issues concerning the cost of college. We have a problem that must be solved. The cost of college is rising, causing students to fall into college debt. This matters to me because as a current high school student myself at Newport Harbor High school, my next step in the next few years is to attend a college. Being apart of a low income family myself, looking into the cost of college is very expensive. This could well lead me into taking loans, which could place me right into college debt.
I believe the cost of college is too expensive, unaffordable for too many students, and is pushing too many into college debt. I also believe
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If free college tuition was ever an idea in general, many believe this would lead up to a requirement where many would have to play a part and provide for the students who choose to go to college, including those who chose to not attend college. As David H. Feldman and Robert B. Archibald claimed in the Washington Post, “This will require tax increases, or it will force states to move existing resources into higher education and away from other state priorities like health care, prisons, roads and K-12 education”. Along with that article how will we be so sure all of the states would be willing to participate in this? As Andrew P. Kelly said in the New York Times, “First, free college isn’t free, it simply shifts costs from students to taxpayers and caps tuition at zero. That tuition cap limits college spending to whatever the public is willing to invest”. Also why is it okay to take away from other important priorities like health care, and prisons over school education? If college becomes free the money has to come from somewhere, and taking the money away from other important priorities would surely lead to protests and other out brakes…show more content…
For people who are all for free college, and or debt-free college, the cost would be majorly reduced and should satisfy the needs to give more students the opportunity to participate in college at a lower rate. This would make it easier for many to earn a degree of their own to obtain a job, and support themselves on their own being needless of anyone. This allows for more successful jobs to earn the makings adults need to survive in today’s society. This should also mean less debts, with college costing less for the poor, there shouldn’t be as much as a need to take out loans to pay for college. This works for people against free college and or debt-free college because college would not be completely free. This plan also would not take away from any other necessities in today’s society. Although it may raise taxes, this will only for the higher income families who should not majorly be affected. This also wouldn’t be limited to whoever is willing to pay because it would be mandatory for all higher income families over $200,00 to pay 7% higher in taxes compared to lower income
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