The Cost Of College Education

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The cost of education after high school is constantly increasing as years go by and has some people question, “Is this degree even worth it?” The debt of many former college students who payed their own way, follows them for the rest of their lives. It’s like an annoying nuisance they keeps following them around everywhere they go and especially in every financial decision they make. Some people find ways to go around this debt and get their education paid for, but others have to pile on the debt to get that degree. There are ways students get the money and resources to pay for college: sport scholarships, academic scholarships, and/or even government grants due to low income. But what happens do the rest of the us who are not as gifted in sports/ academics or middle class students who still want a college degree? The cost of college education rates has risen so much over the years that it has gained national attention of many students and their parents, as well as political leaders. Former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, had the magnificent idea that college could somehow be “free”(Patton, 2015). But as we know nothing in life is really “free” because every tax-paying America would directly feel this hurt. Patton acknowledged, “Outstanding student loans are approaching $1.2 trillion” (Patton, 2015). We need to do something or the economy of our country will be significantly hurt and we will all feel the consequences. How much is college education really rising

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