The Cost Of College Is Too High For Every Student

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Today, degrees are reflecting strongly on people’s lives. The cost of college has become too high for every student or parent to afford, which makes it impossible for everyone to obtain a degree. College level has become too tough and beyond student’s reach and abilities, not anyone who obtaining a degree can get through other majors, such as physics or math, degrees don’t evaluate your skills neither your efforts. For the most important, jobs in our market have been evaluating their applicants’ qualifications through their degrees. Degrees demand beyond the reach of people’s abilities and solutions should be suggested to undermine degrees as a job qualification.
The president thinks of improving education with expanding the use of
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Today, many computer programmers without college degrees get jobs by presenting examples of their work. With a little imagination, almost any corporation can come up with analogous work samples”(Murray 2). Although not everyone has the intellectual ability to do college work but that doesn’t make them not have the skills for a job. Twisting percentages in education would be a good idea for students who are not up to college level. In generally, many of college students drop out and clearly many of them get on campus without gaining the skills and knowledge in their freshman and sophomore years to succeed. Jobs and education aren’t always related. Education shouldn’t always be the reason for getting a well payed job but rather your skills, not everything you study in college is remembered and a research by Murray supports his point which states that, “About 10 percent to 20 percent of all 18-year-olds can absorb the material in your old liberal arts textbooks. For engineering and the hard sciences, the percentage is probably not as high as 10.” (Murray 1). In my community, most of the Americans say that the higher education system in the United States fell and didn’t provide students with good value for the money. In addition, even at times college presidents not only rated the quality of higher education lower than before, but also rated students lower as well. According to Adam, “About 60 percent said high schools
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