The Cost Of Current Health Care

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It is no secret that the US healthcare has many issues in its system. Especially, when you compare it to other countries like: Great Britain, Japan, France, Canada etc. According to Sultz and Young states that “The United States ranks eighth behind all of these nations in life expectancy at birth, highest in infant mortality rate, and highest in the probability of people dying between the age of 15 and 60 years.” The US healthcare system has many issues like a large number of uninsured According to Sara R. Collins, Munira Gunja and Sophie Beutel in the 2014 census 33 million people were uninsured. Other issues are medical professional shortage, medical error or infection, people using apps to diagnose themselves, and rising cost of care. The main focus in these paper will be the rising of cost. The cost of current health care explains for most of the issues that is happening in this country. One of the reasons why the US healthcare is rank low in comparison to other well developed countries is because of the cost for healthcare. William C. Cockerham shows a table of “Per capita Health Expenditures: Selected Countries, Selected Years 1960-2009” the conclusion was that the US has the most expensive care out of all the countries selected. Cockerham gave the example of what it will cost for a hip replacement operation in 2013, he stated that it will be $8,050 for three nights in a hospital room, $36,861 for the artificial hip implant, and $17,500 for the surgeon’s fee for a

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