The Cost Of Health Care

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The cost of health explains almost half of the budgets of the state from financing the Medicaid program to providing health care for the employees of the state and other less qualified population like the prisoners (Vanderbeaux, 2014). In America, thousands upon thousands of decisions concerning health care are made by State legislatures every year (Vanderbeaux, 2014). Some of those decisions involve how best to provide appropriate care more efficiently, and deciding on what age group of patients needs to be immunized (Vanderbeaux, 2014). Other decisions include the ability to give license to health professionals, facilities, and the ability to accept or refuse the proposals that will help to keep the population healthy. The State legislatures have deliberated on at least three thousand bills of which more than five hundred of those bills have been approved and signed into law. In the year 2014 alone, almost one thousand two hundred bills have been deliberated on and so far two hundred and thirty five of those bills have been accepted and signed into law as of January 2015. Financing The Veterans health care bill with bill no - H.R 4810, was introduced by Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who is part of the senate and Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) who is the House of Veterans of America Committee chairmen (Vanderbeaux, 2014). The senate house approved this bill on July 31, 2014 (Vanderbeaux, 2014). The purpose of this bill is to enable veterans who once put their lives on the line to defend

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