The Cost Of Health Care

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When you think about health care cost and what was done in the past to help people who could not afford it to be able to get coverage now. Many people will not be able to afford to get the mandatory coverage and if they do, they will not be able to afford to see the physician or take the medication that they needed. Some of the plans worked and others helped for short periods. With other countries, finding ways to make it work for them and stakeholders more worried in the U.S.A. over their assets. With the rise of the older generation living longer but having more health issues is a reason to look into getting better coverage that is affordable for all for health care.
Over the course of the last thirty-five years, the cost of health care has risen to the point that many people in the middle class to low income cannot even afford to participate in preventative medicine. Several Presidents have tried to get certain plans passed and even when they did; it seemed it was only a short-term fix to an issue. Our nation’s health care costs does not seem to have a lasting impact rather by health care industry, managed and market competition or by regulation (Altman, D. E., & Levitt, L. (2003).
As a national issue, there is a problem of the reemerging of rising health care costs. Over the last thirty-five years, the United States has tried to control the health costs. In 1960, there was the passing of Medicare and Medicaid. The program took some of the load off the private sector

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