The Cost Of Love. . . . . . . . . Mahmudul Howlader. Baldomero

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The Cost of Love

Mahmudul Howlader
Baldomero Banuelos
Uriel Rubio
Juan Toledo
English 4p, Period 4
February 24, 2017
Love is such a beautiful emotion that can make a lonely person happy, fade away all the pain in life and make every individual to feel wonderful again, but once love is gone hurts like hell. Devotion is a sweet journey, romantic bond with sprinkling hearts, which requires both partners to expose their true selves and imperfections. In the song “Don’t You Remember” by Adele, employs hyperbole, coupled, caesura and anaphora to illustrate the emotional break down a person goes through hence, the author emphasises past relationships that have ended in bitterness and bad perceptions of ex boyfriends which
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Falling in devotion is a blind trust not sure what will happen in the end. A healthy affair does not obligate the other partner to feel like they need attention to feel needed. Once the affection for another individuals is grown it can never be taken away.
Adele’s emphasis on this song presents a setting which is heartbroken, hopeless, and sorrow. In the previous relationship with ex-boyfriends, felt disloyal, had struggles in emotional connection with boyfriend 's which have inspired most of the music. During an interview, Adele mentioned, “Most of her relationships has ended in bitterness and negative perception of her lovers”. Adele battled to come out of the bitter situation after breaking up with someone who is really important to her and felt disgusted, ashamed to write lyrics regarding them. The author infuses hyperbole in (Stanza 7, verse 1, 2) which evokes an emotion of what she had done to fix the broken connection between them: “Gave you space so you could breathe, I kept my distance so you could be free”. These verses tell the audience that even though they were on a different path in the relation, but still gave him space to think regarding the missing piece in their affection and kept distance to let him do his business without pressuring him. Using reader-response analogy, as an audience of this song I can also relate to how it feels when someone neglect affection and leaves giving any explanation. It was uncomfortable to
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