The Cost Of Playing Hockey At The Elite Level

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The cost of playing in hockey at the elite level is simply just too expensive for a typical middle class Canadian family to be able to afford. Hockey Academies are private schools, which are a luxury where you go to school and practice and perfect your skills as a hockey player at the same time. Personal Training and Hockey Schools are tools that could be used to become a better hockey player by getting stronger, faster and more practice time during the off-season. The raise in prices for ice time, leagues and Equipment has crippled families’ earnings every season. The middle class family simply cannot afford these luxuries to help their kids become better hockey players. The middle class families are looking for other ways of getting money to support their child throughout sport. These factors are making hockey less competitive at the younger ages as there is an income discrimination within the sport of hockey, the numbers of participants are lower, less players are keeping with the sport, and kids are joining other cheaper sports. Well, Violence is the reason why the are moving away from the sport. Violence is an issue, but there was more violence in the sport in the earlier days. We still have the best hockey team nationally in the world and the best players in the National Hockey League, so why worry? Canadian Families are still going into debt as they are chasing their kid’s dream of joining the 0.1% of Canadian hockey players that make the NHL. Simply, playing hockey…
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