The Cost Of Post Secondary School Education

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Introduction In the recent past, the cost of post-secondary school education has rapidly risen in America. An adjustment of the financial aid that comes from both state and federal governments indicates that the cost of university or college education has surpassed that of health care and even inflation (Casselman, 2012). Some of the facets that have led to the increasing costs are state and federal revenue shortfalls and wrong use of cost offsetting. A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal indicates that students across America are plunging into more debt due to loans taken to pay their college education. Considering that America has experienced severe shortages of employees in the science related courses, rising costs of higher education continue to create more concern. The issue of cost has also featured in the current American primaries with presidential hopefuls like Hillary Clinton discussing the possibility of cheap or even a free college education. On the same note of costs, the following paper is a review of an article by Baum, Kurose and McPherson, ‘An overview of American higher education’, published in the journal of the future of children. Summary The article on ‘An overview of higher education in America’ reviews the financing, students and institutions of higher education. They provide a general picture that reflects the changes that have taken place in higher education and America and the public policies that predict its future. The
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