The Cost Of Real Estate Essay

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For the past several years, the housing market has been mutually beneficial for both buyer and seller. The cost of real estate has risen but has maintained or gained value. People who have owned their home for quite awhile are seeing astronomical amounts of money to be made off the sale of their home, and so the market has been inundated with housing for sale. It leads us to wonder whether this boom is heading for the crash. Is now still a good time to buy? If so, what type of property will continue to gain value? Will new buyers end up stuck in their home as the value drops? As a homeowner, I am nervous about the state of the real estate market. This is not the house my family wants to call its home forever, but could we get stuck here? Yes, we could. If the housing market drops, then so will the amount of money we could potentially make off the sale of this house. If it drops enough then it would be possible to end up owing money upon the sale. Unless you are independently wealthy, you hope to make money off the sale of the home to help finance the purchase of the next home. Real estate agents will tell you that now is still a good time to buy. While it is speculated that the market will drop within the next year or two, if you are willing to sit on your new purchase for several years, an upswing will occur again. There is never any guarantee that you will recoup the money paid for and put into a home. If you intend to purchase a home soon, it would be a good idea to
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