The Cost Of Religious Separation

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The cost of religious separation, the appeal to being under educated
Robert Kiyosaki stated, “French fries kill more people than guns and sharks, yet nobody 's afraid of French fries”(1997), meaning people are only afraid of what causes them immediate harm as a result of being under educated and misguided by presumptions. The separation of people by their religion has existed since western civilizations developed their beliefs, and to this day this ill tradition continues to inhibit the civil liberties of people and create more social categories. In particular, the image of the Jihad which means struggling or striving, has been conceived wrong and as a result has created a false image, this lack of knowledge has lead society to believe that all Muslims all terrorists. This misconception is false and has created a plethora of negative perceptions and myths, harming the quality of life for not only followers of Muhammad but under educated individuals in society as well.
First and foremost, there are at least ten types of jihad in Islamic teachings; terrorism exists as one way to wage jihad. Also there are five pillars of Islam, five things every Muslim should do, jihad is the most important but following the example Muhammad is also important. Now you may be wondering why I told you this, well "jihad" has many meanings, but all of them refer to an internal as well as external effort to be a “good” Muslims, who is striving to inform people about the faith of Islam. All Muslims
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