The Cost Of The Chronic Illness

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The cost of the chronic illness, diabetes, is financially draining for patients and time consuming for providers. Adding to the cost burden, patients with the dual diagnosis of mental illness and diabetes, incur even more medical cost associated with their chronic nature and the care of the comorbidities associated with both illnesses. In addition, the time required of physicians in the care management of the dual diagnosed translates into decreased number of patients the physician treats during their daily schedule. Consequently, resulting in decreased revenue due to fewer patients being treated during a daily office schedule.
However, utilization of the diabetes nurse managers such as the certified diabetes nurse educator (CDE), advanced certified diabetes managers (BC-ADM) or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) for the management of the dual diagnosed, alleviates the time constraint and allows for individualized personal interaction between the nurse and patient. Through the personal interaction and individualized care plan tailored to each patient needs, the dual diagnosed learn valuable health management skills that promote independent care management. As a result comorbidities risk decrease and patient outcomes improve.
This paper focuses on the utilization of the nurse diabetes manager responsible for the wellness and prevention program rendering care management of the dual diagnosed with diabetes and mental illness. Through the education,

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