The Cost Of Turnover Is Significant

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Research shows the cost of turnover is substantial and varies from region to region. The measurement of what costs are included are just as diverse, but according to Jones and Gates (2007), the cost of turnover can be 1.3 times a departing nurse’s salary. With this in mind, the costs of recruitment and retention cannot be underestimated nor seen as an expense, rather a return on investment. Thankfully, the costs for some of the proposed administrative solutions are minimal or cost nothing more to change the method in which something is done. For example, the cost of changing imagery, through regular advertising messaging already being developed, is no different than the current imagery. By utilizing current employees from diverse backgrounds, there is no different cost than using a stereotypical image of a nurse. Costs associated with purchased images does not change based on the diversity of the image so this too, is not an increase to the marketing budget. Over time campaigns are updated and revised, the proposal would not include pulling current advertising to reflect the diversity emphasis, rather implement changes to proposed campaigns and those that are being updated. Internal communication is also a channel that is easy to utilize, distribute and low cost. There is no cost associated with communications through standardized daily and weekly messaging, staff meetings and regional forums and email. Person to person communication is the most effective and costs
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