The Cost of Childcare Essay

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Childcare or “daycare” is one of the most commonly used resources among Americans in the United States. There are many options for childcare that parents could choose from. They have many choices for childcare, ranging from: in-home care, childcare facilities, after school or government-funded Head Start programs. . “Head Start is a federally funded governmental program with the explicit goal of preparing underprivileged children for primary education” (Conley). This program is another option for the pre-k program. The cost of childcare has risen dramatically over the past year, and no one really knows whom to blame for it. The government offers families subsidies for childcare, but that is only if your income is low. But, what about the …show more content…
Some families are not able to provide childcare when they need it for their kid(s). “The cost and the scarcity of day care have helped create what sociologist Joya Misra calls “the motherhood penalty”” (Quart). Some families have to have only one income so that one parent could stay home to watch the kid(s). Single parents have to move in with their parents for help because they can not afford the care. People should not have to quit their jobs to take care of their kids when there are multiple daycare facilities.
In fact, recent studies have shown that the cost of daycare in some states has exceeded the average tuition and fees of a public college. The cost per week per child is at its all-time high for childcare and that it is making it hard for parents. Paying $100-$350 a week for childcare sounds outrageous. The cost of having an infant child in most states is higher than having a 6 year old. Most childcare facilities charge families by the kids’ ages, the younger the child, the higher the cost. Honestly, daycare facilities are making a killing because people are having babies that need care, but they have to go back to work to support their family. Low income families have to struggle day by day because childcare is so expensive. Childcare is expensive; however it’s really an investment, because you

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