The Cost of College Tuition Essay

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October 11, 2010
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The Cost of College Tuition
The cost of college is very high compared to how the economy has been and how wages and financial aid have not risen with the cost of tuition. This makes it harder for students to graduate and brings a lot of stress to their lives. Without the funding that is needed many students drop out or take a longer time finishing their degree. Going to college is stressful enough without the need to worry about how you’re going to pay for it and what other costs will continue to rise with getting a degree. The cost of college is too high compared to the amount Americans make and how much they are expected to contribute. This issue is very close to me
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With the economy with the way that it is and people losing their jobs all the time this can be harder than expected. This has caused many students to change their choice on which college to attend to a cheaper choice or go to a community college before going to a four year school. (Carpenter) This isn’t a bad choice but it can be hard to transition from one school to another and hope that all the credits will transfer successfully. Many parents feel like they are letting their child down if they do not help them, but many believe that the student should pay for it them because it will help them learn responsibility with juggling school and a job. According to Public Agenda only 42% of students whose parents did not help them graduated (Clark). This could be blamed on how hard it can be to be working and to find time to fit in time not only for class but preparing for class without their parents help. This can help time management skills, but for a student to be able to graduate in four years and work enough to not have a mountain of debt can be a hard thing to accomplish. Something else that also comes up is it’s not just tuition that has to be paid for, it’s also all the fees added on and the costs that most people don’t think about when budgeting for school like food for each week and transportation. With added on fees for every class it can be very frustrating so how the student pays for college affects a lot of aspects in their lives.
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