The Cost of Communication Security Issues

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Cost of communication security issue Although mobilize workforce such as mobile phone or laptop computer giving an opportunity for company and employees to maximize recourses. Nerveless, it also exhibits a security risk that may cost a loss to the organization. At best, the organization could get the financial losses or data losses. At worst, the result for an organization may be lost productivities and negative publicity. The results for communication security issue will be discussed separate in the following section. a. Leaking information Leaking information through mobility and social network has become one of the most important damages to organization due to the leaking information by their employees. Employee’s irresponsible use of social media such as Facebook or twitter can cause damage of organization in terms of putting company’s networks under the risk of malware. The consequence for leaking information can be small as loss opportunity; also can be larger as organization’s security. For example, according to the news in 2010, “British Ministry of Defence staff has leaked secret information onto social-networking sites sixteen times in 18 months.” (Mansfield, 2010). The information leakage will both benefit the adversaries and detriment the organizations. Leaking information are not only for company, To make it worse, Facebook profiles are now available to be downloaded from torrent sites exposing more than 170 million users’ information globally (Paul, 2010).
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