The Cost of Illegal Imigration Essays

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Our 32nd President Franklin Roosevelt once said the famous words of,” Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” (Roosevelt, Franklin) In the dilemma we face today people love to bring this up as an excuse. In all the years our great country has been established, we have always thrived upon immigrants, because even we are descended from immigrants. However when others come here to our country and are not documented and drastically change our country, then we must fight back against them to reclaim what is ours. We live in a nation where each culture and a single person is just a single important piece to make our country great, but there are recent visitors to…show more content…
The government pays housing, schooling, welfare and every other little thing that illegal immigrants refuse to pay on their own. Illegal immigration has even impacted the economy. Over 500 thousand illegal immigrants arrive to our country yearly which has damaged our economy severely. Our economy cannot withstand 500 thousand undocumented workers who have limited skills and steal from the government with all the free benefits they are given. 95% of all illegal immigrants are part of the lower class and have minimal skills (Illegal immigration Cost, Crimes and Related problems (US). The majority of all Americans are part of the lower class and have minimal trade skills, and with the increase to the illegal populous to this the economy cannot become strong (The economic logic of Illegal immigration). For years we have been fighting against illegal immigration to help save jobs, stop political fights and to help schooling. Illegal immigration has created many problems politically such as split parties to decide wither or not they deserve amnesty. There have also been many riots and pickets through the decade from people trying to give equal rights. The equal right debate is to give every illegal immigrant free amnesty to our country. The pro of this is that each illegal immigrant would have to go through a certain criteria to become a legal citizen. This would sort out many of those who deserve and do not deserve to be in our country. This

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