The Cost of the Good Life for Women in Patriarchal Society

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What is the Cost of the Good Life for Women in a Patriarchal Society? Society today, as many other societies before, often permits itself to trivialize the roles of women than those of men. Beginning with the story of Eve, who carried eternal blame for the downfall of humanity, and continuing to be manifested in prominent women of current times, the male gender seems to frequently triumph over its counterpart. This trend is refuted, however, by two distinctive women from Sophocles’ Antigone and Harold Brighouse’s play Hobson’s Choice. Although these works occur in separate time periods and in different societies, the struggles that both women encounter are similar. By being self-sufficient and rejecting self-preservation, Antigone and Maggie epitomize the attributes that women in a male dominated society should uphold in order to attain the good life. Women in a male-dominated society must be self-sustainable in order to reach their goals. Often times when a compromising situation arises it is difficult for a person to find others willing to support his or her endeavors. Whether it is because they do not feel personally obligated to assist or because they do not want to bear guilt for abetting a friend, it proves rare to find a companion in trying times. This appears true for both Antigone and Maggie as they seek to attain their visions of the good life. In the first scene of Sophocles’ play, Antigone is shown informing her sister of Kreon’s decree and attempting to
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