The Costs Of Geothermal Power Plant

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8. Cost Like some other renewable energy technologies, the costs of geothermal power plant are mainly on construction and early expenses, while cost much less in operation and maintenance. 8.1. Capital Cost This capital cost covers all initial costs, including exploration cost, drilling cost, power plant construction cost, and gird connection cost [1]. 8.1.1 Exploration Cost The exploration costs contains the costs of preliminary survey, permits, market analysis, exploration, feasibility study, project planning, and other aspects. The exploration costs depend on the size and accessibility of the geothermal site and availability of necessary tools and equipment. The budget of exploration cost in our plan is $8 million. 8.1.2 Drilling Cost Drilling costs are one of most important factors determining the costs of the project. In our plan, 10MW per well, thus we need 9wells. Re-injection wells are also required to re-injection the cooled geothermal brine back into the well field. We assumed the ratio of re-injection wells to productions wells is 0.7:1. As a result, we need 7 rejection wells. In addition, we need 2 wells for testing. We assume the cost of drilling a well is $5 million, so the total of drilling cost will be $90 million. 8.1.3 Power Plant Construction Cost The construction cost mainly contains the plant construction equipment costs, turbine costs, installation costs, materials costs, labor costs, cooling structure costs and other infrastructure related costs. Our

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