The Costs Of Prescription Drugs Essay

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Skyrocket costs of Prescription Drugs Prescription drugs all around are very expensive, but without out them some of us would not be able to say we are alive. We can still see the price of these prescription drugs go through the roof as we speak. Although most of low-income workers can barely afford medicine and drugs, one way or another, we make it work because without it we would be dead. Although having insurance covers a lot of our medical health expenses, such as medical bills, prescription bills, hospital bills and things of this nature. As the cost of prescriptions keep going up, sometimes our insurance companies cannot cover the cost because they have hit their Cap of money able to spend. Some insurance companies have Cap for a person or a cap for a whole family it can be yearly or annually it just depends on the “deal” you worked out with your insurance provider. Most families, like my own make due to cover the cost of having insurance, yet we have to still be able to cover what remains of the prescription cost if we want to live. Money sometimes is very tight and meeting these necessary financial situations get tough. My family consists of my mom, dad, two brothers, two sisters and myself. Both of our parents have diabetes and need medication to control it. My dad has to take even more medication because of his kidney transplant. They have their oldest (my twin sister, and myself) both going to college, a big expense. At the same time, they have to take care of
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