The Costs of Marijuana Prohibition Essay

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The Costs of Marijuana Prohibition The nation that we live in today proudly proclaims its perpetuation of freedom and democracy, and with these qualities it conveys supreme justice. The United States government and its constitution are regarded by many as the pinnacle of civil government, as the ultimate projection of civil justice. However, no government is perfect, for man himself is inherently imperfect. For over two centuries since its birth, The U.S. constitution, which many hold in such high esteem, has been continuously molded to fit our ever changing society. Many of these changes have been good and necessary, while others have caused unforeseen problems. Even in light of harm to society, however, the constitution and its…show more content…
government and condoned by law officials and citizens alike. Throughout this argument for marijuana legalization, the notion of justice will be repeatedly called upon, and the justice of the current system and policy will be analyzed and disputed. In order for this analysis to happen, justice itself must first be defined thoroughly and given precise parameters. According to Webster's Dictionary, justice is "the quality of being just, impartial, or fair, and conformity to truth, fact, or reason." Justice from this point on will include the following: the logical execution of law or standard based solely on proven facts or truth, and the existence of fairness and equality throughout these actions. The drug war that the U.S. government is waging is not limited to law enforcement crackdowns and mandatory prison sentences. According to the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, declines in teen drug use are preceded by a generally higher awareness of the harms of drugs (Torr 39). Obviously, the perpetrators of the national anti-drug campaign are alert to this fact, and they have put it to their use. Recently the Office of National Drug Control Policy, or the ONDCP, has used the media, specifically television, as a tool to flaunt anti-drug propaganda to the American public. Television commercials about the dangers of marijuana use have flooded T.V. networks. In fact, the ONDCP actually spent $3.2 million on two
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