The Cotton Gin And The Assembly Line

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The cotton gin and the assembly line may seem at first glance like they are not that important but their lasting effects explain why things like manufacturing operate the way they do today. The cotton gin is a simple box. It has gears and a screen that with a crank on it that, when turned, is used to separate the cotton seeds from the cotton. The assembly line involves a pathway where a car or other item moves from station to station. A specially trained worker at each station will work on one specific area of the car or item before passing it along to the next station. The cotton gin and the assembly line affected history through the wars that both influenced and the industries, such as modern factories and fashion, that they contributed…show more content…
The inventor of the cotton gin Eli Whitney almost went broke because as a result of his invention. He was fighting almost 60 lawsuits over the patent of his cotton gin. #1 “An invention can be be so valuable as to be worthless to the inventor.”- Eli Whitney. With the invention of the cotton gin, America supplied three quarters of the world with cotton during the 1800s While the cotton gin did do well in supplying the world with cotton it increased slavery. #1 In 1790, there were 657,000 slaves in the south and after the invention of the cotton gin In 1810, there are 1.3 million slaves in the south. In 1793, Whitney patented the gin and at the time, 188,000 pounds of cotton are produced. In 1810, there are 1.3 million slaves and 93 million pounds of cotton are produced each year. As a result of the increase in slaves, more than 600,000 US citizens died on the Civil War battlefields.The Civil War can be attributed in some ways to the invention of the cotton gin.#9 The cotton gin was a very important
The Ford assembly line is a system used to make manufacturing and putting together items in a quicker and more efficient manner. To put together it took eighty four separate steps to assemble the Model T car.#7 Henry Ford is credited as inventor of the assembly line. Henry Ford was born in 1863 on a farm in Springfield Township, Michigan, about ten miles
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