The Counsel Of Heaven On Earth Essay

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The Counsel of Heaven on Earth is a book written by Ian F. Jones on the topic of Christian counseling. Jones makes sure to let his readers know that this book is not meant to be a guide for Christian counseling; he in no way means to advocate a particular methodology, system, or school of thought. Instead, Jones is “[trying] to identify and explain the essential features of Biblical Christian counseling. No attempt has been made to engage in formal theory building or to develop systematically any counseling strategies or techniques. [His] intention is to show how the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, provides counselors with the blueprint for developing an effective counseling ministry”.
Jones sticks to his promise and frames his book around Scripture. In this review of The Counsel of Heaven on Earth, a brief summary will be outlined, as well as some strengths, limitations, and applicability of the book to Christian ministry and Christian counseling.

Jones begins his book by giving the baseline foundations of the Christian belief system and tying those into the baseline foundations of Christian counseling. He says that the Christian faith used to play a larger role in all of the sciences, counseling included, but is “no longer motivated by a desire to glorify God, but rather a desire to serve the self and others”. Once that shift took place, it pervaded past the physical sciences and into the social sciences. Since

counseling is no longer

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