The Counselling Video On Class

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The counselling video shown in class was a scenario where the counselor was a 38-year-old white woman who came from a privileged background. Her client was a 16-year-old African American male named Anthony who was a graffiti artist. Unlike the counselor, he did not come from a privileged background; instead, he had a mother who was in jail and a father who had no interest in being in his life. As a result, he lived with his aunt. The reason for the counselling was because the client was experiencing problems with his relationship with his aunt. Anthony is demonstrative of why working with adolescents is challenging, as he was resistant to engaging with the counselor.
During the session, Anthony was defensive regarding the suggestion that he was experiencing feelings of sadness. Counsellors must sometimes explore the client’s defensiveness while also respecting that the client is not willing to share some personal information. At the beginning of the session, the counsellor did not realize that telling the client where to sit was not a good idea since clients like Anthony, who lack control in his personal life, should be given as much control as possible, and that allowing him to choose where to sit would make him more comfortable and more open to opening up. Another thing that the counsellor failed to take into consideration is age appropriate activities for the session. For example, the counsellor thought that by playing Monopoly, it would help the Anthony to open up but
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