The Counter Terrorism Law

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Counter terrorism Law

No one can deny that the word terrorism is hated to be heard. Terrorism is commonly known as any action referring to violence against innocent citizens or causing damages to a public or private property for political purposes. According to Maria Keet, (Senior Lecturer with the Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town) Terrorism is resulted due to plenty of causes that made such a phenomenon be a public concern. Separatism is probably the main reason of arising of terrorism. The conflict between people is due to nationalism and racism issues. This conflict arises with the existence of inequality, racism and political opportunities. Other reason of arising of terrorism is poverty and social inequality. Some statistics proved that 15% of the population consumes 85% of the resources all over the world which made the other 85% of population fight for these resources by any means. Last but not the least; Religion is one of the causes of terrorism especially in Egypt. Terrorism became widely spread in the Egyptian streets after the 30th June revolution in 2013. After the sacking of the former president, who belonged to a religious organization, his supporters decided to spread terrorism all-over the country until the former president gets back to his position as a president of Arab Republic of Egypt. Since then, this terroristic organization performs a terroristic operation which had many impacts on Egypt and Egyptians. Since June 2013,
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