The Country Club College- Inhibition of Eudaimonia

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The Country Club College- Inhibition of Eudaimonia Adding food coloring to drinking water will not enhance its nutritional value. Also, an emphasis on enhancing the coloring, at the cost of clean water, will degrade the function of water to provide nourishment. This same logic applies to education. In articles written by the New York Times, Inside Higher Ed, and Brookings, colleges across the country are spending increasing dollars on recreational facilities and administration than on its academics. According to Aristotle, these actions will stifle the very purpose of education, to create an informed citizenry, and degrade the quality of society. As a consequence, these ornamentations to recreation is immoral and immoderate (a vice). This…show more content…
According to an NMBER paper, most college students placed more value on amenities and high levels of consumption than instruction (“Consumption Amenities in Higher Education”). This deliberate sacrifice of academia by students for the country club will only fuel the drive for excess spending on pleasure to attract potential students. Scott Jaschik's article details this agenda. "The Customer Is Always Right?" described the race for amenities as the consequence of student spending choices. In a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, four-year colleges searching for a way to attract a "majority of potential students" will invest in consumption preferences. By spending more of the budget in amenities (student services and activities, athletics, facilities), colleges would meet the high value students place on these categories. Since academic support and instruction (libraries, museums, course costs) was only favored by students competing for highly competitive institutions, the "vast majority" of four-year colleges would not increase academic investment. The cost of appealing the masses would be degrading academic quality (“Many Students Opt for Colleges That Spend More on Nonacademic Functions, Study Finds | Inside Higher Ed”). The metamorphosis of academic institutions to amenity centers affects both the students and society as a whole. According to Aristotle, proper education leads to the formation of well ruling leaders which help the

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