The Country Of China Is Landlocked Essay

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As the world population continues to grow, the world that humans live in will continue to get harder because eventually almost everything in the world will run out. Many of the most important things that humans need in life are the things that are going to run out. If humans continue their ways, life will go from being hard to being almost impossible. There are places around the world that have already took that next step into changing the way they live to help the future. A great example of this is in China where the country of China is overpopulated. Chinas step into helping the future is by limiting family’s to only have one child to keep population down and in turn keep future population. This whole population idea leads into natural resources because the more humans that live on earth, the more natural resources are need to be used. Someone may ask what is a natural resource? The answer to this question is, a natural resource is industrial materials and capacities (as mineral deposits and waterpower) supplied by nature. In other words, natural resources are resources that are not human made and that occur naturally such as fresh water, trees, oil and rocks. Natural resources are very important for humans because anyone most humans can use them and you do not need to pay to create them. The catch about natural resources is that they are not unlimited and Earth will run out of them eventually if humans continue to abuse them. The Earth has gotten to a point that in the
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