The Country Of Guatemal Hiv And Aids

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35.3 million people in our world are living with HIV and AIDS.1 This virus is something that affects everyone. This disease can be transmitted by the sharing of unclean needless, unprotected sex, and through mothers who have already obtained the virus and pass it on to their newborn babies.2 This problem is widely spread throughout the world and needs to be addressed. There is no true cure to the virus, but as a nation we must work together to change that. The country of Guatemala is affected by HIV and AIDS, and is greatly involved in finding solutions. Out of the 14.3 million people living in Guatemala,3 57,800 live with HIV and AIDS.4 In the past year 3,400 people have died from this virus.5 Although there are more men than women that…show more content…
Leaders of 189 nations realized that HIV and AIDS is one of the most important issues in our nation. In 2001 they agreed to set targets that would help to reduce the epidemic by the year 2015.11 One of the things the UN has done is to train counselors, who can then provide services for people infected with the virus throughout the world.12 This is made possible through VCCT also known as Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing.13 The UN has also helped to spread the urgency of the epidemic by opening mini HIV and AIDS libraries which help make it easy to access information on the problem.14 An organization called UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) helps to organize a group that provides guidance and testing for
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