The Country Of New Zealand

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Imagine if you will, placing the state of Colorado smack dab in the middle of the
Pacific Ocean, what you are envisioning is the country of New Zealand. A moderately small Island nation made up of two islands separated by a mere 22 mile wide Cook Strait. Their climate and geography is almost completely different from one another. As a colonial nation, New Zealand is still under rule of Queen Elizabeth II, but she has very little influence due to constitutional constraints. As a democratic nation, New Zealand operates much like the United States. Being isolated has not prevented New Zealand from adapting to the ideas, customs and practices of the western world. Over 98% of the country speaks English (QuickStats about Culture and Identity, 2011). This country’s demographics cover anything from gender, geographic, ethnic and religious backgrounds. By developing a better understanding of New Zealand and all it has to offer will possibly even intrigue you into visiting this magnificent little but loveable country. New Zealand may by small by comparison, but under the vast waves of the Pacific Ocean, it does not yield and will stand strong for centuries to come.
New Zealand has a vast amount of landscapes on its islands, from volcanoes on the south island to tropical forest on the north island. Due to its geographical isolation, many of the animals are unique to New Zealand. You could label it as a very biodiverse nation by having so many ecosystems. New Zealand has…
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