The Country Of Nicaragua And The Center Of Central America

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The country of Nicaragua, located in the center of Central America, is one the poorest nations in Latin America. Nicaragua’s citizens are primarily mestizo who account for almost 70% of the population. With a population of nearly six million, 58.8% of Nicaraguans live in urban areas, with nearly 2% of citizens migrating from rural areas to the cities in search of jobs and better welfare. However, internal migration to rural areas also exist seasonally for agricultural labor. Due to the current economic standing of the nation, Nicaragua’s current population growth rests at 1%, while losing 3 out of 1,000 citizens due to emigration. While the nation has seen small growth in its GDP at a 4.5% growth rate, many Nicaraguans continue to migrate out of the nation. In 2009, is was estimated that 42.5% of Nicaraguans lived below the poverty line, with the lowest 10% of citizens sharing 1.4% in household income. In 2008, it was recorded that underemployment rate was at 46.5% (CIA Factbook). When looking at the statistics and numbers for this nation, it is easy to understand the reasoning for many Nicaraguans emigrating out of their country. With such a high percentage of Nicaraguans living under the poverty line, many of them have chosen to leave the country. A majority Central American immigrants decide to migrate outside of the region. In a 2006 article by Mahler and Ugrina, they noted that “[e]xtraregional migration claimed 93 percent of all emigrants by 1990…with a notable
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