The Country Of South Africa

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South Africa, a nation that is located at the tip of the African Continent. The economy of South Africa is based almost completely on mining and the production of minerals. With a rich history of colonization and independence, along with a fight for freedom. Widely diverse with many ethnicities and languages, the people come from many different places into one. The capital of South Africa is Pretoria, the city has a population of 1,209,000 as of 2005. Two other major cities in South Africa are Cape Town and Johannesburg with populations of 3,103,000 and 3,228,000 as of 2005. South Africa is located south of Botswana and Zimbabwe, to the Southwest of Namibia and to the Southeast of Mozambique. To the East is the Indian Ocean, to the West is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the South is the confluence of the two oceans. It is about twice the size of Texas. The physical makeup of the nation is that there are the Eastern and Western Plateau Slopes along with the Kalahari Basin starting in the South and ending in the North-Central region. Located in the East lies a mountain range by the name of the Drakensberg Mountains, tallest of which is Mt. Injastu. The Western Cape province is very fertile, producing citrus fruits and grapes. The two most important rivers in the country are the Orange and the Limpopo Rivers. In the central region of South Africa are the Little and Great Karoo Highlands. South Africa is located completely in the Southern Temperate zone with minimum temperatures of
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