The Country Of The South

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Living in the South A twelve year old teenager is sitting in a car, and he is travelling from Washington State to Georgia. When he arrives, he finds the temperature warmer, and he finds that his new middle school is a blue ribbon school. I am that teenager, and I am living here in Alpharetta, Georgia. Living in Seattle for many years, I can say that the South is a huge contrast from the North, but there are still many things I like about the South. The climate is very warm, and the weather is really nice during the summer and the winter. It is much cheaper to live in the South than the North, and it is even cheaper to live in the South when you compare it to living in Seattle. There are also more educational opportunities in the South, and there are award winning colleges in the South such as Emory, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Perimeter College. I believe there are many things to like about living in the South, and I hope to stay here for a long time. The climate in the South is really nice, and it is a much better climate compared to Seattle’s climate. The South has great autumns, and autumns in the South have perfect temperatures for walking. My own preferred temperature is about a seventy-five degree high, and a seventy-five degree high is reached many times during the fall. The South also has great winters, for almost every winter there is snow on the ground. It also reminds me of Seattle, for Seattle has snow every year. Best of all, the South has incredible summers,…
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