The Country Project And Wine Essay

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The reason we choose Italy as our country project and wine as our product of choice to export into Italy is because exporting American wine into Italy is difficult and demanding. Italy is number two in wine consumption by country. Per person, Italians drink more wine than anyone in the world. The average Italian drinks approximately 15 gallons a year, mostly of Italian wine. We hope to change that by expanding our foreign market sales of wine distribution export to include Italy as part of our direct export sales.
The name of our company is American Wine Exports Company, Ltd. We currently export American made wine into many different countries and now we are looking to expand our sales into one of the toughest wine regions in the world, Italy. The global market as a strong interest in American made wines. Our philosophy at American Wine Exports is to deliver the very best of American made wines to every part of the world including countries like Italy where American made wine is very hard to come by.
The objective of this paper is to research the country of Italy, to decide the best mode of entry into Italy from the U.S. and to determine if there are any trade related issues. Furthermore, to conduct research to help our company develop a marketing strategy to expand our global sales of wine to include Italy. Our projections for success are huge with Italy being number two on the list of wine consumption per person. Every wine producing country in the
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