The Country: The Heart of it All

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In Bless Me, Ultima, the beauty of the open prairie is an essential part of the book. The country setting adds to the primitivism and ignorance of people because their belief in witchcraft. The country, however, adds to spiritualism of the book because the magnificent prairie is open to many spiritual interpretations. Most importantly, the country functions as a guide for Antonio to discover who he is. The country setting adds to the ignorance of the people because most people believe in witchcraft. The book is set in Guadalupe, New Mexico towards the end of the Second World War. Most of the people in the town are uneducated, or have little value towards education. A good example of this would be Andrew. He has stated that “if there’s one thing I learned in the army, it’s that the guy with an education gets ahead” (pg.73). However, he never fulfilled his statement; Andrew dropped out of school shortly after Narciso died. While Antonio’s mom does want him to be a “man of learning,” she only wants him to learn enough to become a priest (pg.53). The lack of education is what leads to all the chaos in the town. People knew that “the war made [Lupito] sick,” but they didn’t know how to help him (pg.16). They ended up killing him because they thought he was evil and couldn’t be reasoned with. Likewise, witchcraft is treated like treason. “The rancher swore that he etched a cross on his bullet, and that proved that the old woman was a witch, and so he was let free, under the
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