The Country of Venezuela

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Venezuela one of the largest countries of south America was founded according to many historian by Christopher Columbus who was on his third travel to reach the south America searching for gold. Caracas, one of the most populated and most dangerous city in South America is the capital. Because of the beauty and the economic potential that made this country one the most powerful economic attic of the metropolis; it has been flatted by many Spanish travelers who settled their base there to grasp the fruit of the economy. Simon Bolivar known as the liberator of South America engaged himself and his troops in a battle for the freedom of the Venezuela. Therefore, in 1810 Venezuela has been declared officially independence and became republic in 1830. Over the course of the years, this country has known many political government with different ideology from the dictatorship of Juan Vincent Gomez known as “el bagre” to Rafeal Cardera, the predecessor of Carlos Andres Perez. Venezuela has known an economic momentum with the production of cocoa, coffee, cotton and oil. When Hugo Chavez came to power in 1999, his goal was to reinforce that momentum economy in order to bounce the social lower class. With that, he created a lot of social and economic opportunities for the lower class in the name of socialism. The government of Chavez seeks to expand the socialism political throughout the country in order to increase his popularity. The socialism system can be helpful for the lower
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