The Country 's Current Political Infrastructure

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Entdeckungland fell as a country when their president, Giorgio Franz Diego Best passed away. There country fell which led to throwing off Entdeckungland politics into confusion.
Ever since president’s best’s death all parties have be banned and thrown over by new ones. Entdeckungland political infrastructure is leading the people of Entdeckungland to confusion and this can harm the nation as a whole, not only its political system, but its very survival as a country depends on how the country’s current political infrastructure is resolved. No group has ever been able to colonize the institutions of government and national administration enough to be able to discriminate overtly against other groups. Another disturbing development in Entdeckungland politics following President Best’s passing, however, is the resurgence of political cleavages that most people thought no longer existed, as well as the appearance of new cleavages that historians say had never before held any importance for Entdeckungland. Entdeckungland has many problems to fix, the only solution is to construct a political institution to help stabilize and progress the nation as a whole. The main thing that Entdeckungland needs is to create a constitution that will satisfy that nation as a whole, a constitution will set institutions for that nation to follow. Political party that Entdeckungland will be based on is democracy. Democracies are based on "rule of law." The ancient Greeks specially Aristotle valued

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