The Courage And Loyalty Have Been Used For Many Years

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The themes courage and loyalty have been used for many years. The trait courage means to face difficulty, challenges, and danger, even if there is an element of major risk and loyalty is to commit or show devotion to something or someone. Courage and loyalty go together excellently as loyalty towards someone or something can drive a person to do courageous acts. A great example is the firefighters at the Chernobyl nuclear accident. These firefighters rushed into the nuclear power plant after it failed in an effort to put out the fire and save people and after they were taken to the hospital where they would die of radiation poisoning. The firefighters demonstrated courage and loyalty towards the people who needed their help even though it was a dangerous situation. Not only are these traits shown though out real life, they are also present in the media in the form of themes. Ranging from television, movies, music, and literature, the theme loyalty and courage seem to be very popular. One great example of these themes in the media is the book “Home Truths”, by Jill Maclean. The story is about a fourteen year old boy who shows courage and loyalty towards his younger sister as he protects her from their abusive father. Clearly, these stories have a definitive theme of loyalty and courage but perhaps, one of the best examples of courage and loyalty is the novel “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham. The Chrysalids is a story about a boy named David who can telepathically communicate
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