The Course Description And Learning Objectives Of The Syllabus Essay

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As it says in the course description and learning objectives of the syllabus, in this writing course, I as a student will learn to write for audience; write to persuade; document design, visual design; presentation and collaboration skills. It also mentions that an “A” student is a student that hands in all assignment on time, actively participates in class, is always prepared for class, is not absent more than three times, stays in communication with the professor, and excels in demonstrating his or her knowledge and skills in this course through written work, conferences, and presentations. With that said, I am writing you this letter in hoping to persuade you that I should receive a grade letter “A” in this course and my top takeaways from this course. Before I begin to discuss my evidence for grade, I would like to go back to how students are evaluated in the class and show that I am an “A” student. I hand in all my assignments on time and has never turn in an assignment late. As you often mention to me that you appreciate my participation in class and value my input, and I too believe that I actively participate in class. I believe that I come in class prepared and has never been absent. I make it my priority and responsibility to come to class to better my learning. I believe that I always stay in communication with you, whether it is through email or text message, and always talk to you about my concerns. Regarding to demonstrating my knowledge and skill in this

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