The Course Of History Religion

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Over the course of history religion has changed many peoples view of themselves, society, and nature. Confusanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and polytheism all address the issues a person questions about themselves, the perpose of life, and how they should live one with nature. Every religion has separate beliefs on what is expected of them as a human being and how they should go about their life. They all try to achieve almost the same goal in the end but must do different things to achieve it. Confusianism was started by a philosopher named Confusious. Confucious lived between 550 and 479 B.C. “Confucious had suggested this idea when he said “being good as a son and obedient as a young man is perhaps, the roof a man’s character.”” What Confucious meant by this was he wanted all people to respect human life and treat our elders with respect and have reverence for everyone else around us. Confusianim used humanism to try and help his followers live. A few of them were xiao, ren, and li. “The history of the character xiao is interesting. In the early Zhou period it meant only “ancestor worship.” But in later Zhou period it came to mean “filial piety” as well.” Xiao is something of great importance to the people who follow Confucianism. It is when they show great gratitude and worship to their ancestors, dead or alive. Gagliardino 2 With Xiao Confucious “hoped to reform public morality by teaching people proper personal behavior.” Another way that people of the

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