The Course Of Mentoring At Davis Emerson Middle School

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Over the course of my semester of mentoring at Davis Emerson Middle School six lessons were taught and a final jeopardy review was completed during the final session. The topics included: respect, caring, cooperation, citizenship, punctuality, and compromise. These topics proved to be a challenge for the students, since they have never been exposed to many of these terms. Punctuality seemed to be the word that was known the least whereas caring was common knowledge. My favorite lesson was the one on caring. The game, “I love my neighbor”, incorporated in the lesson was relevant and engaged the students. Students were able to make connections they had in common through the game, which ultimately gave them a reason to care about each other. This game allowed us to even pull in the shy kids and established relationships for the weeks to come. Since the students already had knowledge of the topic, conversation flowed during the discussion time. They were able to sight attainable goals to incorporate caring in their daily lives. My mentee, Kaitlin, sighted goals such as opening doors or helping around the house to show she cares. My least favorite lesson was the one on citizenship. The game, “The line game”, involved the students organizing themselves in order according to certain criteria, such as birth month or name. This game had no connection to citizenship, which was hindering since the students already had no prior understanding of the topic. When we moved to our discussion

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