The Course Of My Behavior Change Project

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Over the course of my behavior change project, I ran into several obstacles and the outcome was not quite what I had expected. There ae a few things that I learned during this project from the outrageous cost of healthy food, to what I really struggle with in terms of heathy eating. I started with the intention of eating healthy, but towards the end of the first month, I realized just how costly that can be because I am but a poor college student on a tight budget and sadly I burned a lot of my food budget on fruits and veggies. That was quite an eye opener for me. I also learned that it was not always the content of my meals, but also the size. My wife is much smaller than me and I really started to watch how she eats as opposed to how I eat. Her serving sizes were always much smaller. This taught me a thing or two about what I should be putting on my plate. I also know now that pizza is literally my kryptonite. I know I am doing this BCP, I know I want to lose weight, I know that I want to be healthy, but when I get around pizza I am like a drug addict that can only focus on my drug (pizza). I need to format my lifestyle to stay away from pizza places as much as humanly possible because I will it until it hurts. The outcome. During my BCP, I also started drinking a lot of water and started to attend the gym a lot more than I was previously. During this time, I noticed a lot more muscle mass due to the real protein intake as well as just healthy eating over all. I
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