The Course Of Study Of Anything Teaching Process Essay

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a. Scope and Sequence: It is considered as a list of all the concepts, ideas, as well as topics that will be covered in the course, the book and the lessons plans assign within a particular type of curriculum. For example, the scope and sequence of a course in geology will be a list of all the helpful list of concepts in the course. Besides, the scope and sequence for curriculum in high school would denote all the concepts taught in the writing course (Kliebard, 2004). b. Syllabus: This is considered as an outline of subjects in the course of study of anything teaching process. c. Content online: This is referred to like all the materials that are available online and can be used for teaching and learning. It is available for both the students as well as their tutors because it bears all the needs information as well as accessed freely. d. Standards: This is the regulations or the principles used in a curriculum to denote ways in which the students and well as the teachers can follow to execute the learning and teaching process. e. Textbooks: These are learning materials for the study of a particular or certain subject. f. The course of study: refers to as the selection or the series of all the courses that all the students are needed to complete before they can move to the next education level or a diploma or degree. g. Planned experiences: This is denoted as all the values as well as concepts, ideas and experiences needed to formulate a curriculum.
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