The Courses I Took At Southwestern College Helped Me To

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The courses I took at Southwestern College helped me to develop a deeper understanding about human interaction, leadership as a concept, the importance of effective communication, and how to be apply critical thinking and ethical reasoning to all areas of my professional and personal life. Each new course brought new insight and understanding about my own leadership and followership abilities, as well as, greater understanding about the leaders in my life and my coworkers. I have a defined professional goal because of my educational experiences, and feel greater satisfaction with my current job and professional relationships than I did when I began my studies. To demonstrate specific knowledge and skills that I acquired through my…show more content…
I must approach people based on their individual traits and personalities and be aware of my own, to ensure that my message is received clearly and the interpersonal relationships I develop will be positive and mutually respectful. I apply the intelligence concepts of S.P.A.C.E. and L.E.A.P.S. daily and find that I have become a better critical thinker because I am more situational aware, more careful with how and when I speak, and take more time to consider all aspects of a situation or conflict. The artifact I chose to demonstrate my knowledge in the areas of social and emotional intelligence, was completed during week five of the course. The assignment required me to address the concept of “Playing Politics” in a work environment and how it applied to my own workplace, and therefore, I had to complete a self-analysis and an analysis of my workplace and coworkers. Understanding that office politics can cause negative effects on the culture of an organization and damage relationships between coworkers is crucial to learning how to avoid becoming a person who uses such tactics and avoiding conflict with those who do. People who are willing to lie and place blame on others rather than take responsibility are dangerous to the overall balance, productivity, and success of an organization. Leaders and followers alike, must be able to recognize and deal with these kinds of toxic people. Based on what I learned in my

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