The Court Administrator and the Prudent Police Chief

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Case Study: The Court Administrator and the Prudent Police Chief
All people given a traffic citation are to appear in court on a specific date after their traffic citations. Those people who plead not guilty are set for trial at a future date, and the prosecutor and arresting officer are required to appear at trial. 75 percent of people who plead not guilty fail to appear at trial, but the city is still responsible for paying overtime expenses to those officers who are not on duty but must appear at trial. The court administrator is called upon to devise a system to limit the city's overtime expenses. The court administrator devises a system where the court has access to police officer schedules, and where all officers are normally scheduled at least one day a month during court trial hours, and sets trials involving those officers during that time period.
Question 1: What kind of a system would you propose to address the problem, and how would you go about accomplishing this end? In creating a modified system, you are to work within the existing law, with no changes in statutes or ordinances. The problem with the system, as it is established, is not due to any underlying problems in ordinances and statutes, thus the solution would not require changing either of those factors. The ordinances and statutes not only offer required due process protections for those accused of traffic violations, but are also not inherently unwieldy. The real problem with the

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