The Court At The Apex

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Denmark’s courts are a series of local and regional courts, with a Supreme Court at the apex. Their Constitution for the right to a fair trial, and an independent judiciary vigorously enforces this right. The law provides a defendant, an attorney, and the right to question a witness against them. Defendants and their attorneys have access to government evidence related to their case. Defendants enjoy a presumption of innocence under court procedures and procedural issues in their case. The accused is considered an active subject with the benefit of the presumption of innocence. He has the right to be heard, present evidence, to question witnesses, and to present evidence. He is also to some extent an object of investigation, such as fingerprinting and blood tests for alcohol. He may also have to submit to forceful measures such as arrest and search of his home. The accused is under no obligation to contribute to the prosecution, and neither pressure nor cunning may be applied to obtain statements with interrogation. Devices such as lie detectors, or methods like narco-analysis or even hypnosis are invalid in court. Everyone accused has the right to legal assistance of counsel of his or her own choice. Defense counsel is mandatory in all criminal cases involving serious crimes, regardless of the financial situation of the accused. The defense counselor is appointed either at the request of the accused or chosen by the court from a body of qualified lawyers previously
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