The Court Of Appeal Court

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The Court of Appeal
The Court of Appeal will be tasked with hearing appellate cases from the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. A view expressed by Alcohol (2005) asserts that the Court of Appeal will have the authority to hear appeals in cases that involve criminal prosecution, extradition, juvenile delinquency, corpus, habeas, bail, probation and parole, exclusive original proceeding writ application, interlocutory appeals in criminal and juvenile, and sentencing.
The judges for the Puerto Rican Court of Appeal will be selected by the governor from a list qualified persons submitted to him by the Supreme Court Nominating Commission. The justices for the Court of Appeal will serve for a period of four years. The Supreme Court will select one of the judges of the Court of Appeal as the chief judge of the Court of Appeal. Ordinarily, the judges of the Court of Appeal do not conduct trials. They will decide on the appealed case by reading the record of the trial and written briefs filed by the concerned parties, in addition to hearing oral arguments from the attorneys. They would be tasked with researching and reviewing the law involved in the case and proceeds to write an opinion which will be published in bound volumes. The members of the Court of Appeal will be sitting in panels of three at various locations throughout Puerto Rico. Every panel will take up to 30 appeals over a two-day period each month (Florida Courts, 2016; Georgia Courts, 2016).
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