The Court Of Justice Of The European Union

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The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) is a governing body ensuring law in the European Union (EU) is interpreted and applied in the same manner in every country in the EU, and also ensures countries and EU institutions abide by EU law. The CJEU was founded in Luxembourg in 1952 and can settle legal disputes between national governments and EU institutions. The CJEU can also be used by individuals, companies or organizations to take legal action against an EU institution, if they feel that the institution has violated or infringed upon their rights. The Court can give rulings on the cases that are brought before it based on interpreting the law, enforcing the law, annulling EU legal acts, ensuring the EU takes action, or sanctioning EU institutions (“Presentation”). The CJEU is divided into three bodies, the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal. The Court of Justice deals with requests for preliminary ruling from national courts and certain actions for annulment. They also deal with appeals brought before the CJEU. The General Court rules on actions for annulment brought by companies, individuals and EU governments. This body generally deals with competition law, State aid, trade, agriculture and trade marks. The Civil Service tribunal deals with disputes between the EU and its employees. The judges and Advocates General are appointed for a 6-year term that can be renewed by their national governments. In each of the three Courts,…

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