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Ironically, one of the next landmark cases regarding this debate was decided in a second circuit court, not the Supreme Court. In 1979, students were apprehended by their school for publishing a satirical newspaper publication about teachers and other peers including articles regarding prostitution and masturbation. The preponderance of the student’s writing was done off campus without disruption, which would play a key role in the decision of the ruling. The parents of the children sued the school district in the case Thomas v. Board of Education Granville Central School District as they believed that the student’s 1st amendment rights were being violated by the school district. As the court analyzed both sides of the debate, they…show more content…
III. Bethel School District No.403 v. Fraser The court case Bethel School District No.403 v. Fraser occurred in 1986, about a decade after the Thomas court case. In this case, a high-school student was giving a speech to promote his friend to the school’s election board. In this speech, he used explicit language and vulgar graphics to promote his friend as a candidate. The school swiftly responded by suspending the student and removing him from the list of candidates for graduation speakers. Like all the other cases that came before, the student decided to sue the school district for violating his first amendment rights of free speech. The court ultimately decided to side with the school district stating that they were not violating the student’s first amendment rights. Although there is not sufficient information regarding scholarly debate in this case, it did establish a very important precedent that would be referred to in the future. It was the idea that vulgar and lewd speech made directly on campus may be prohibited by schools because it goes against the traditional values of public education (Fijolek). After this ruling, the rules regarding free speech blurred even further, as it unknowingly complicated the concept of “on-campus speech” when the internet and social media arose a decade later. IV. Emmett v. Kent School District (2000) + J.S. v. Bethlehem Area School District (2002) At the turn

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