The Court Of The Lawyer

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“This court is now in session!” The bailiff’s gruff voice thunders across the room, commanding a respectful silence as the honorable judge takes his seat. The back pews scrape against the floor noisily as people hurry to claim their seats. The novice lawyer glares back nervously at the gallery before exchanging a hopeful look with his client, who is just as skittish. A cold sweat began pouring down the lawyer’s neck as he faces down the prosecuting attorney, looking as confident as she was cold. As they lock eyes, the animosity is so thick a knife could cut through it. Eventually the trial begins, and both sides throw verbal cannonballs. As the court proceedings continue, the lawyer is inevitably asked to take the stand and make the final…show more content…
This competitive mentality introduces the startling correlation between mental health and the legal profession, and how the urge to be the best doesn’t always end when the court is adjourned. Every day, lawyers have to juggle the immense burden of pressure placed on them by their colleagues, clients, and courtroom dramas; while this rather strenuous job does lend its way to alcoholism and other means of coping, there are more effective ways of dealing with it, like first admitting that you have a problem and finding someone who can help you. Alcoholism, a psychological disorder usually associated with alcohol addiction/abuse in general, is by far the most prevalent mental health issue in several high-pressure careers across the country (Alcohol Abuse and Dependence, par. 1). Many well-respected doctors, politicians, and athletes have confessed to being tempted by the appropriately titled “demon in a bottle” at some point in their careers. In many cases, it can be fought back with self-regulation, outside intervention, and in the worse possible scenario, withdrawal. However, alcoholism factors much differently into the world of law, and in this case, different can be deadly. Success is held to a different standard for the lawyer. In order to truly be successful, an attorney must have the drive to give it their all, and put their heart and soul into every case. It’s not just their salary that is
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