The Court Of The Lawyer

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“This court is now in session!” The bailiff’s gruff voice thunders across the room, commanding a respectful silence as the honorable judge takes his seat. The back pews scrape against the floor noisily as people hurry to claim their seats. The novice lawyer glares back nervously at the gallery before exchanging a hopeful look with his client, who is just as skittish. A cold sweat began pouring down the lawyer’s neck as he faces down the prosecuting attorney, looking as confident as she was cold. As they lock eyes, the animosity is so thick a knife could cut through it. Eventually the trial begins, and both sides throw verbal cannonballs. As the court proceedings continue, the lawyer is inevitably asked to take the stand and make the final argument in defense of his client. Taking a deep breath, he gathers his evidence together, and begins to address the jury. This is the same scenario that most, if not all, lawyers inevitably find themselves at some point in their careers. In fact, depending on the specific branch of law, many lawyers go through this same experience close to every month, if not weekly! Yet, they still muster the courage to face the honorable judge and make a case for or against the defendant in question. It is a very intimidating experience for the uninitiated, and definitely one that even seasoned veterans have doubts about every now and then. After all, having so much attention placed on the shoulders of a lawyer also brings an almost insurmountable amount…

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